Wizako - Review & Testimonial : Madhav Marda

Madhav cracked ISB & IIM Bangalore admits.

I was a student at Wizako(4GMAT) in October 2014 for GMAT coaching. I highly recommend the class organised at the institute. Prior to joining Wizako my Quant score was stuck at Q45-46 in 5-6 mock tests of repute. However within 2-3 weeks of the coaching there, my quant score got the necessary push it needed and I ended up scoring a strong Q50 in my actual GMAT in November 2014.

With an overall GMAT score of 720, I managed to crack ISB, Hyderabad.

I was simultaneously preparing and giving my CAT exams too in November 2014.

I am quite sure that indirectly the coaching for GMAT at Wizako helped me in my CAT prep and I ended up scoring a 98.80 in the CAT. Via the CAT I managed to crack IIM-Bangalore and will be joining the same this year.

Cheers and thank you Wizako !

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