Wizako Review by Karthik H(Q50, V42, 750)

Karthik accepted an admit from UNC Kenan Flagler

At the outset what sets Wizako (4GMAT) apart from its competitors is the individual attention that its tutors could afford; they are highly knowledgeable and are willing to help you with any MBA related queries, even outside the classroom hours.

Wizako's course materials are top notch and undergo up-gradation every now and then. The Quant materials, especially, are too rigorous in that they guarantee you a score of 49+ with a decent amount of effort. One of the key elements for success in any competitive exam is the understanding of the fact that each student needs to do as much grind as necessary and not limit himself to doing only what his peers do, a mantra over-emphasized at Wizako.

The faculty here including the director himself is so warm and willing to sit with you for one-on-one sessions to do a comprehensive review of mock exams and suggest personalized prep strategies. Being a tutor myself, associated with the parent company: Ascent education, I can proudly say that the tutors here are genuinely interested in students success and this is one of the key philosophies at Ascent.

With an overall GMAT score of 750, I have got an admit from UNC Kenan Flagler, Class of 2018.

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