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  • Best GMAT® Coaching in Chennai
  • 72 hours of GMAT Prep Classes
  • GMAT Test Prep by 99%ile / Q51 Tutors
  • Weekend and weekday GMAT Classes in Chennai
  • GMAT Preparation in small batches
  • Incl. GMAT Study Material and GMAT Online Course
  • Incl. 1 yr subscription to GMAT® Official Guide eBook
  • Incl. Sectional GMAT Tests

Wizako conducts weekend and weekday GMAT Classes in Chennai at our GMAT coaching centre at Velachery. Weekend GMAT batches are 12 weekends long and weekday GMAT batches are 8 weeks longs. Both variants have 24 sessions of 3 hours each, totalling to 72 hours of GMAT preparation.

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April 10, 2021

Weekend GMAT Classes


May 8, 2021

Weekend GMAT Classes

Why prepare with Wizako GMAT Coaching in Chennai?

What should the best gmat coaching centre offer? Best tutors, proven pedagogy, updated material, and a small batch size.

1. Best Tutors? How do you back it?

It's a simple 3 part answer

They've walked the talk. Tutors who take classes in Wizako's GMAT Coaching in Chennai have scored 97%ile and above in the real GMAT exam in sections that they handle. i.e., Q51 or V47 or 740 or 750. They all have a post graduate degree(s) in management from a top business school.

They are no rookies. A 750 in the GMAT does not necessarily qualify one as a great tutor. Each (NOT collectively) of tutors at Wizako's GMAT Coaching in Chennai has at least 6000 hours of experience teaching for the GMAT.

They aren't dime a dozen. A handful (literally) take all classes at our GMAT coaching in Chennai. A batch is unlikely to be taught by more than 3 GMAT tutors. By the time your GMAT preparation course ends, your GMAT tutors will know you well enough to tell you what you need to do to get there.

Our tutors are the pillars of strength that make us a Top GMAT coaching centre in Chennai.

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2. Teaching Methodology - ab initio

Never only the "how". Equal or greater focus on the whys and whats (> 50%).

In plain English - the GMAT syllabus at Wizako's GMAT Coaching in Chennai starts from the "very beginning". Basics are never skipped or glossed over. The GMAT exam places a great deal of emphasis on testing whether your fundamentals are strong. For e.g., Can you think of a non zero number that is lesser than a tenth of itself?

Knowing the "how" will take your GMAT score only up to a 48 in the quant section and a 32 in the verbal section. Whereas, you will catapult to the 50s in the quant and the 40s in the verbal and have a chance at the magic 98%ile GMAT total score only by strengthening your fundamentals. Wizako's GMAT Coaching in Chennai has developed its syllabus on this premise.

Wizako's GMAT course in Chennai comprises 72 hours of intensive classroom sessions spread over 12 weekends or 8 weeks.

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3. Handpicked Questions in the Right Sequence

Better questions, better learning

a. Unique questions: Each question that you will solve in our GMAT classes in Chennai or take in the practice tests is unique. They are not simply modified versions of other questions. Each questions is set with the objective to help you master a specific concept that is tested in the GMAT exam.

b. Value is in the sequencing: We do not look at a question in isolation. It fits a specific link in a chain that is required to gain mastery of a topic. We would have seeded a thought in question 3 and another in question 7 - both of which are essential to round up question 11.

c. Substantial but not overwhelming: More the merrier - need not be true in all cases. We have strived to maintain a fine balance between getting adequate practice and not being overwhelmed. All told, you will have 3000+ sample GMAT questions to practice with.

d. And some to throw off the bowlines: In our GMAT curriculum, we have consciously included some practice questions in each topic to challenge you. We do not want you to ever get the "If only I had prepared for this as well" feeling on the day of the GMAT exam.

4. Beyond GMAT Classroom Coaching

Online study companion for homework help + Online GMAT Course Free

We all study at different times and at different places. And you might have a nagging doubt arise while solving a homework question at 2 AM. Not a time when you can pick your phone and call your GMAT tutor. The free online study companion that all students of our GMAT coaching in Chennai get fills this gap.

  1. PrepEdge Solution: Each GMAT quant class ends with a homework sheet that contains "PrepEdge" questions. About half of these are challenging ones. Complete video / slide pack solution to all PrepEdge questions available on the online companion that is part of your GMAT prep classes.
  2. Essential Practice: Things might feel rusty at the beginning of your GMAT prep. You might feel the need to brush up on basics. We want to nail that once and forever. Includes 20 questions each in prime factorizations, computing LCM and HCF, factorizing quadratic equations et al.
  3. Topic Tests: Sample GMAT Questions available as part of Wizako's GMAT practice questions section on the website have been compiled as a timed test. You can take the test and benchmark your performance. Includes video / slide pack explanation for all practice questions.
  4. GMAT Official Guide (OG) eBook Latest Edition - 1 year license: Practice what you learn in the GMAT Live Online Class with retired official GMAT questions. Every participant gets his/her copy of the latest edition of GMAT OG eBook. The license is valid for 1 year and comes with a host of benefits.

What's more!

All students of our GMAT Coaching in Chennai get complimentary access to Wizako's GMAT Online Course. The Online GMAT Course is the most comprehensive course available for GMAT Preparation online.

Batch Size: Not more than 20 students

Not too small - you learn as much from your peers as from your tutors.

Not too big - you get personal attention from tutors.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating. Experience intuitive teaching and rigorous learning, first hand.

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Student Reviews About Wizako | Testimonials

Our GMAT students' success - our best testimonial

"A smart working candidate with intelligence and gumption along with the fantastic training team of Wizako (4GMAT) makes a winning combination on whom even Mr Warren Buffet might not think twice before putting his money on a final score of 750+!.

Read Wizako Review by Karthik

NOT WITHOUT WIZAKO (4GMAT): Relief, delight and incredulity, in that order when I got my unofficial GMAT score report.

Read Wizako Review by Ganesh

Prior to joining Wizako (4GMAT) my Quant score was stuck at Q45-46 in 5-6 mock tests of repute. However within 2-3 weeks of the coaching there, my quant score got the necessary push it needed and I ended up scoring a strong Q50 in my actual GMAT in November 2014.

Read Wizako Review by Madhav

Just back from the test center. Got a 740!! (Q50, V40). I will strongly recommend Wizako's (4GMAT) classroom coaching and materials to every prospective GMAT test-taker. These guys are here to help you; make use of them...

Read Wizako Review by Shreyas

It makes a lot of difference when your tutors are genuinely interested in your performance and Wizako (4GMAT) definitely has a brilliant set of tutors who produce many 700s (read 700 and above) everyday.

Read Wizako Review by Bhargavi

At the outset what sets Wizako (4GMAT) apart from its competitors is the individual attention that its tutors could afford;

Read Wizako Review by Karthik

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